Strategic importance of human resource management to businesses

Whatever the size of your business, the strategic importance of human resource management (HRM) to your organisation cannot be overstated. Without good HRM, the business would struggle to remain competitive. Let us look at why good HRM is essential to the organisation.


Employee management

HRM deals with a crucial asset of the organisation — its employees — and covers a wide range of employment issues ranging from performance management and training to team building and labour disputes. It seeks to ensure that all employees feel valued by the company and have a good working relationship with their colleagues. This helps to retain talented workers and improve staff morale, resulting in better long-term performance.


Internal communication

Internal communication is crucial in employee rentention strategies. It not only disseminates information but also helps to prevent misunderstandings and encourages constructive feedback. It is essential for effective change and performance management and encourages internalisation of organisational values. Good internal communication can also enhance business performance by eliminating departmental silos.

Human resource managers play a key role in internal communication and are expected to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information as confidants in some situations. When disputes occur, they respond quickly, act as a mediator between employers and employees, and ensure that employees do not violate the rights of other workers.


Compliance with labour regulations

The human resource department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the latest labour regulations, allowing the company to avoid penalties resulting from non-compliance in this area.


Management of manpower costs

Human resource managers help the business to operate within its budget through the management of manpower costs. They have to balance the firm’s aim of maximising profitability with the need to offer competitive remuneration to attract and retain talented employees.

HRM is therefore essential to organisational success given its key role in employee management, internal communication, compliance with labour regulations and management of manpower costs.


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